Atlantic Ocean
En Kärlekshistoria (1969)
Length:  27:57
    Track Listing:
      Ouvertyr    1:30
      Talk To Me    1:58
      Den Vackre    1:27
      Oh No    2:25
      Wake Up In The Morning (Staffan)    2:09
      Raj Raj    1:32
      Eko-Laten    1:54
      Would You Like To Be    2:18
      Morgonvals    2:14
      Pa En Sjomansgrav    2:55
      Wake Up In The Morning (Anita)    2:51
      The Bertil Theme    4:38
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      Yeah here is a little goodie with the Atlantic Ocean that was the beginning of a lot of Swedish prog group even
      that they just was playing together one year in this line-up before they split into the pieces that be the
      the legendary prog groups as Fläsket Brinner, Jason's Fleece, Telefon Paisa, Handgjort and Tillsammans.

      All this started with the beat group the Quints that started when Sten Bergman left the Jan Rhode's Wild Ones
      last edition, Sten was playing sax in that group, yeah he is really great on both horn and keyboards, so he
      got together with the great singer and bass player Staffan Stenström with Gunnar Rosengrens and Jan Bandel they
      called themself Quints, but they only appears on three different sampler EP's with on song of them each, so
      when Gunnar Rosengrens left the Quints Greg Fitzpatrick join the rest of the group and they change the name to
      Atlantic Ocean in the summer of 1967, Greg had been offer to join the Hansson And Karlsson but he join the
      Quints instead, but as Greg miss green card he call himself Göran Ahlin as a real Swede and that worked indeed.

      So these four wonderful musicians get a contract with the English part of CBS and recorded a single early 1969
      in England and they got some bread to so they bought themself a car and lot of gears for £ 5000 so they really
      got a great deal, later in 1969 both Björn J:son Lindh and Johnny Mowinckel join this group too and they
      expanded to six members so now we got all of these musicians that gonna change the Swedish music scene in the
      70's, and they recorded the soundtrack to En Kärlekshistoria and the album Tranquility Bay still in 1969, yeah
      the soundtrack was released together with the movie of the same name and even the group was shown in the movie
      just a few seconds, but the CBS don't know what they should do with the album because it was to freaky and
      politic so they refuse to release it, but Greg nick the tapes and take them to Finland there Love Records
      release them in 1970, but that album is not on CD yet but we'll hope that it should appear soon.

      On En Kärlekshistoria they worked together with the marvelous soundtrack writer Björn Isfält, yeah this was
      the first things that Björn made after graduate from the music academy, and the lyrics was written by the
      movie director Roy Andersson just graduate from the movie academy, and this was his first movie.

      But don't expect that it sounds as Fläsket Brinner at all, no it's more psych or just beat of the 1969,
      the two versions of Wake Up In The Morning is just marvelous, but all the Atlantic Ocean tracks is just real
      fantastic, and you gonna get some nice music from Björn Isfält and Morgonvals with Anita Lindblom is folk.

      01 - Ouvertyr (1:30) (Björn Isfält)
      02 - Talk To Me (1:58) (Atlantic Ocean)
      03 - Den Vackre (1:27) (Björn Isfält)
      04 - Oh No (2:25) (Atlantic Ocean)
      05 - Wake Up In The Morning (Staffan) (2:09) (Atlantic Ocean)
      06 - Raj Raj (1:32) (Björn Isfält)
      07 - Eko-Låten (1:54) (Björn Isfält)
      08 - Would You Like To Be (2:18) (Atlantic Ocean)
      09 - Morgonvals (2:14) (Anita Lindblom)
      10 - På En Sjömansgrav (2:55) (Anita Lindblom)
      11 - Wake Up In The Morning (Anita) (2:51) (Atlantic Ocean/Anita Lindblom)
      12 - The Bertil Theme (4:38) (Björn Isfält)

      All music by Björn Isfält and lyric by Roy Andersson
      track 8 music by Jan Bandel and lyric by Greg FitzPatrick
      Track 10 music by J.Hoes and lyric by Falcko

      Atlantic Ocean

      Staffan Stenström - Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar
      Björn J:son Lindh - Flute, Sax, Violin
      Sten Bergman - Organ, Piano
      Johnny Mowinckel - Elektic Piano
      Greg FitzPatrick - Bass, Guitar, Piano
      Jan Bandel - Drums, Tablas

      7" Your Sister Juliet / Would You Believe It 1969, CBS 4024
      Lp En Kärlekshistoria 1969
      LP Tranquility Bay 1970, LRLP 18 Love

      After the release of Tranquility Bay Greg FitzPatrick went to India for a long long holiday, and the other five
      still play together, but when he come back to Sweden the group had split in pieces, so here is what happen next:

      Sten Bergman was left alone with the name Atlantic Ocean and he found some new musicians to fill the planed
      gigs with, so at the beginning they play under the name Atlantic Ocean but they change it to Fläsket Brinner.

      Björn J:son Lindh and Jan Bandel form the Jason's Fleece together with Sam Ellison, Hawkey Franzén.

      Johnny Mowinckel form the Telefon Paisa together with Einar Heckscher and Ingemar Böcker, yeah Ingemar should
      play in the Kebnekajse after Telefon Paisa released the first Gump Record album Sogmusobil a classic album.

      Greg FitzPatrick came back to Stockholm when the first Gärdesfesten was to happen, and there he meet the three
      musicians Guy Öhrström, Stickan Karlsson and Theo Greyerz that should form Handgjort together with Greg, but
      they had their last gig at the 1971 Gärdesfesten and a lot of other musicians from Homo Sapiens, Telefon Paisa,
      Arbete Och Fritid and Mikael Ramel and a big bunch more act as a big band, so out of this big band they form
      the group Tillsammans that recorded an album that really are the second Hangjort album when lot the songs is
      from the Handgjort live reportaire, and the recordings of that album started 1971 but the record company Silence
      wasn't really sure how to act with the recordings, so it was delayed to 1973 before they released.

      Greg later wrote the Snorungarnas Symphoni that was recorded by Samla Mammas Manna.
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