From The House Of Trax (1978-79)
Label:  World In Sound 
Length:  42:06
Genre:  Psychedelic
    Track Listing:
      You're Playing With Fire Pt.1    3:12
      Locked Inside A World    3:58
      A-Trip-In Time    3:30
      The City Of Inbetween    3:34
      Sweet Inspiration    3:36
      Gary's Song    3:41
      Captain Zella Queen    2:54
      I Want To Fly    3:27
      Right Inside Of You Baby    3:52
      Satan    4:26
      You're Playing With Fire Pt.2    5:56
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      Marcus's From The House Of Trax (WIS 1010) has long been a collectors' fave, almost legendary in fact. Recorded in 1978, it comes really too late to be part of an organically developing music scene and has more aesthetically in common with the first wave of psychedelic retrospection (a la Nick Nicely). Creepy atmospherics, phased vocals and guitar and rumbling undercurrents of moog characterise this set. It should be listened to as a whole as an aural experience rather than on a track by track basis as the soundwash cascades over you. Some songs feature extemporised guitar with a pop aesthetic counterpoint (such as 'Locked Inside A World') whilst elsewhere the primal vocalising is reminiscent of solo Peter Hamill. There are touches of early Hawkwind that merge with a kind of proto-gothism ('A Trip In Time'). There are lighter songs like 'Right Inside Of You Baby', which still feature the sonic soundwash and work equally as well. There is also a bonus CD with this which features seven acoustic numbers also recorded in 1978, or if you have real player on your computer, a seven song video. It's not a patch on the main course, but as an add on who's the loser? Marcus himself and his group recorded at the studio 'The House of Trax', who owner Jim Ferguson liked so much, he let them record for free. Marcus pressed up 500 copies of his LP and Ferguson tried to make connections with it on his behalf. Nothing much came of it however which inevitably led to his LP becoming a cult collectors classic. It is now available again and anyone who listens to neo psyche should ensure they wrap their ears around this disc as it is surely one of the foundation stones of psychedelia's current popularity.

      It has the typical 60s acid folk blend,with electrified guitars and various space effects.Contains very informative bio,photos,and bonus tracks.An extra CD-R with a 25 minute live performance video of great quality,as bonus;.Limited edition

      Disc 1 (The Album)

      1. You're Playing With Fire Pt1
      2. Locked Inside A World
      3. A-Trip-In Time
      4. The City Of Inbetween
      5. Sweet Inspiration
      6. Gary's Song
      7. Captain Zella Queen
      8. I Want To Fly
      9. Right Inside Of You Baby
      11.You're Playing With Fire Pt2

      Disc 2 (Live Video)

      1. Dont Let The Fire Go Out
      2. Burning A Candle From Both Ends
      3. The Sun Will Come up And The Sun Will Come Down
      4. Garys Song
      5. Closer In Our Hearts
      6. Im In Your Hands
      7. Heart To Heart

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