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  1. alvega says:

    I never had heard these guys before (and I guess I could have, but…)
    It’s just as you said, freedom and open air. The voice somewhat desperate combining admirably with the plangency of the violin. Remarkable.
    Thanks a bunch.

    sorry I can’t be of use with your requests, never heard about any of them. Have taken good note of it tho, one never knows…

  2. Anonymous says:

    great album, really, thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good album, quite strong vocal parts, the overall sounds a lot like Tim Buckley to me.

  4. freaky_lady says:

    thanks for your comments

  5. Trevor says:

    thanks! awsome find in this great duo…keep up the great posting.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just bought a sealed copie in Stockholm of this album I remember have seen often as sellout-copie 30 years ago….seems that they haven’t sold this real great album very often. What has become of this guys who made such wonderfull and inspiring music? Did they just vanish from the musicscene?

    Kathrin Fluri, Switzerland

  7. Tom says:

    My father, Richard Leps, met my mother in New York. After traveling between NY, San Francisco, and St. Petersburg, he finally “settled” in native Florida. While he hasn’t signed with any big labels since Vanguard, he is still very much active in the Tampa area music scene, sitting in on numerous bands, and occasionally playing on local radio. Odds are if you’ve ever heard a live band in a bar or restraunt around the Tampa area, they’ve jammed, at some point, with my father,

  8. bluenorther says:

    Surprisingly good street musicians, especially their songwriting.Thanks.

  9. Richard Leps is alive and well here in Tera Ceia Florida. He has played in my band CONNIE DILLON & CO. for almost 18 years. He is making a avacodo salad as we speak for dinner tonight for my husband Jerry and myself. Tonight he will play at the OLD PACKING HOUSE CAFE in Friutville Fl with RANDY TRACY. This weekend he will be on Siesta Key. He is better than ever. Connie Dillon Sarasota FL

  10. rogersal says:

    I can’t help but notice that nobody mentioned Michael Baldwin…I have heard he is the same.

    Hi Richard, hope you are well, not seen you since Buddy Kleins in 2005.


  11. Mark Pines says:

    I first met Michael Baldwin when i was sitting in on guitar with Bill Denton’s band, playing at the Cow Palace in NYC on St. Mark’s Place. Michael sat in also and performed “St John’s River” Later he approached me about playing with him and then I met Riohard and we all played a bit around town. Later that year, I went on a cross-country “expedition” with Baldwin, him in his blue Chrysler and me in my red Olds Cutlass, guitars in trunks, xstopping in local bars and restaurants and literally “singing for our supper”. I have never been more broke and gotten into more fun/trouble – like when the local Mafia undertaker’s daughter took a shinme to us and followed us city ti city. Whew!!! We started in Memphis, went to Nashville then out to California (a jam in Suasalito with Delbert McClinton and then we played a New Year’s Eve party in Larkspur for a bunch of nitrous-crazed dentists). A lot of fun and music. When we got back to New York, we went our seperate ways, but i did see Mike again around 1984. He was living with Diane Keaton’s film editor in a cute penthouse and we hung out a bit. He was the same as always – that is,. he seemed like he was totally burnt out but then he would unexpectedly make a statement of complete clarity and resonance. Haven’t seen him since then – wonder how he is these days?

    Mark Pines

  12. Anonymous says:

    I can put the vinyl on my recordplayer ( I`m one of the persons that bought it long long time ago.
    Want to say Thanks for this wonderful Album, loved it when it came our and still do.
    Keep up a good life

  13. Anonymous says:

    bought this CD at a record store for $4 as a blind buy. it’s pretty good

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi Michael – Was just talking about you to my cousin Neil, whom I introduced to him thru the first album. We loved it of course. I remember the old Tampa days and your great 12-string. Good and not-so-good times. But survived and wonderful you did too! I became a School Psychologist in the Houston area, now retired these 10 years. Lots of stories, eh? Kerouac and all. A trip thru memory lane. Hope all is well with you. -Jim of Bonnie-who-got-away noterity.

  15. I played with them at the Bitter End, in Greenwich Village 1971 I guess. I was on electric guitar. Hung out with them a lot, but I was only 16 so was not able to go on the road with them. I’d love to get in touch with both of them. Write to me guys- I’m still playing!
    Robert Raines

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