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Flat Earth Society: Waleeco & Space Kids

Flat Earth Society Waleeco & Space Kids Sought after 1960’s American psychedelic record. The Flat Earth Society’s Waleeco is a legendary album that more than lives up to its reputation. A beautiful psychedelic rock/pop...


Subway – Subway (1972)

Subway – Subway (1972) A beautiful and very rare album from the annals of European psychedelic/folk/prog circa 1972. Subway were a half American, half British duo, living in France, who released 200 copies of...


Heaven & Earth – Refuge (1973)

Heaven & Earth – Refuge (1973) Beautiful psychedelic folk by a female duo, featuring the gorgeous voices of Pat Gefell and Jo D. Andrew. Their sole album was released in 1973. Very well-crafted folk,...


The Illusion – The Illusion (1969)

The Illusion – The Illusion (1969) An Italian – U.S. band, based in Long Island, New York, who played heavy rock with some psychedelic influence. The band were formed as The Five Illusions by...


Tirogo – Float (1977)

Originally released in Nigeria, 1977. “Tirogo is another great sample of lost African psychedelic music. It was recorded in Nigeria in 1977 and originally released on EMI, same as the great album BLO –...


Magic Carpet – Magic Carpet (1972)

Magic Carpet – Magic Carpet (1972) Official reissue of exquisite 1972 UK psychedelic sitar folk album. Beautiful female vocals blend with mystical eastern raga sounds. Also included on the reissue is a 20 minutes...

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