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Saturnalia – Magical Love (1973)

Saturnalia Magical Love (1973) A thoroughly competent slice of mystical West Coast influenced progressive psychedelia with an occult edge, some excellent female vocals and searing lead guitar work. Thank you Ade Hawkins and Richard...


The Illusion – The Illusion (1969)

The Illusion – The Illusion (1969) An Italian – U.S. band, based in Long Island, New York, who played heavy rock with some psychedelic influence. The band were formed as The Five Illusions by...


Lumbee – Overdose (1970)

  Lumbee – Overdose (1970) This 1969 psychedelic album promoted the use of drugs by including a board game insert, complete with play money & instructions that started with the prerequisite “no one who...


Soho Orange – Soho Orange (1971)

Released in 1991 on the same German label that gave us the first German Oak album, this is some very good early 70’s hard rock somewhat in the Budgie vein. Tracklist: 1. King Of...

holy fuzz

Various Artists – Holy Fuzz (2011)

In the late 1960’s, two of the era’s major influences, rock music and a revival of Christianity by our nation’s youth, were both attracting new converts by the millions….it was inevitable that these two...


Iron Claw – Dismorphophobia

Iron Claw – Dismorphophobia Scottish Heavy Underground Rock 1970-73 Underground heavy rock from the Scottish band iron claw recorded in the early 70s but not released until now. Hard ‘n heavy with some great...

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