Flat Earth Society: Waleeco & Space Kids


Flat Earth Society Waleeco & Space Kids

Sought after 1960’s American psychedelic record. The Flat Earth Society’s Waleeco is a legendary album that more than lives up to its reputation. A beautiful psychedelic rock/pop masterpiece recorded in 1968 that took in everything from dreamy west coast styled acid rock, laid back Sunday morning acoustic folk, driving garage psych rock and full on trippy psychedelia. This CD also includes the rare Space Kids album recorded by The Lost, a very 60s Sci-Fi kids album filled with instrumental music and rip roaring adventure! Detailed booklet with photos and band information. The CD features two innovative Sixties rock bands from Boston, Massachusetts, namely the Lost and The Flat Earth Society. Both groups were hired by prominent New England organizations to produce original music for commercial products, specifically candy bars and cereal.
“For the first time ever, we present the entire half-hour production along with the cornplete music track composed by the Lost. Originally conceived as a full length LP, this project was created on spec and intended to be sold as a premium on the back of cereal boxes. After shopping the idea around, the agency unfortunately had no takers. Thus the project was permanently shelved. Or at least until now.”  (CD Liner Notes)
Flat Earth Society “Waleeco”
1 Feelin’ Much Better (Kerivan, Dubuque) – 2:27
2 Midnight Hour (Picketty, Cropper) – 3:38
3 I’m So Happy (Kerivan, Dubuque) – 1:57
4 When You’re There (Kerivan, Dubuque) – 1:58
5 Four & Twenty Miles (Kerivan, Dubuque) – 1:56
6 Prelude For The Town Monk (Kerivan) – 3:10
7 Shadows (Kerivan) – 1:54
8 Dark Street Downtown (Kerivan) – 3:45
9 Portrait In Grey (Kerivan, Doyle) – 5:05
10 In My Window (Kerivan, Doyle) – 2:11
11 Satori (Kerivan, Doyle) – 3:30
Space Kids
12 Space Kids – Part 1 – 15:06
13 Space Kids – Part 2 – 15:19
The Lost
14-29 The Lost-Incidental Music To’Space Kids – 15.00


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