Heaven & Earth – Refuge (1973)

Heaven & Earth – Refuge (1973)

Beautiful psychedelic folk by a female duo, featuring the gorgeous voices of Pat Gefell and Jo D. Andrew. Their sole album was released in 1973. Very well-crafted folk, pop and psychedelic sound which should appeal to fans of Wendy & Bonnie, Linda Perhacs, Christine Harwood, Sunforest, Margo Guryan, Lyn Christopher, Barbara & Ernie…


1. Jenny
2. Voice In The Wind
3. To A Flame
4. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
5. Refuge
6. Sixty Years On
7. Song For Craig
8. Tell Me How To Know You
9. A Light Is Shining
10. Feel The Spirit
11. Voice In The Wind (Single Mix)
12. Jenny (Single Mix)
13. Home For Christmas
14. Country Women
15. We All Need A Friend
16. You’re The Reason
17. Unknown
18. Joy
19. Jenny (Alternate Take)
20. Voice In The Wind (Alternate Take)
21. Refuge (Alternate Take)
22. Song For Craig (Alternate Take)
23. A Light Is Shining (Alternate Take)
24. Country Women (Alternate Take)
25. Hawg For You Baby

Heaven & Earth – Refuge (1973)

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  1. gilhodges says:

    LOVE this record.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank You!

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