Soho Orange – Soho Orange (1971)

Released in 1991 on the same German label that gave us the first German Oak album, this is some very good early 70’s hard rock somewhat in the Budgie vein.


1. King Of The Road
2. Mississippi Tales/The Wish-Tears
3. Freedom Callin
4. Dream Queen
5. Nightmare
6. Seven Faces

Soho Orange

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5 Responses

  1. Hello, good people…..forgive me for enter into your sweet-music-home this way…but….

    PLease…someone couldn’t help me to find the
    real prog-group in the link below??
    The quality of this file is VERY POOR and I’ve got only a
    few minutes from the begining…but it seem to me a terrific album.

    I’m looking for this album for many years but I’ve got NO CLUE….

    Abig thank you in advance….

    the link:

    and remember this:


    Peter Hammill – SP – BRAZIL

  2. Anonymous says:

    good LP

  3. SohoOrange says:

    Hi my dad was the lead singer of this band we have bourght the cd but sadly as the type of conditions they had been left in the sound listening quality will not be very good.

    you can find us on:




  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello,first time I came to meet
    soho orange was just after this
    demo was recorded in 1971 the guys went on to form another known
    band around glasgow/scottish music
    circuit they also played some of the numbers with this band i worked
    with this band for around 5 years
    and became very good friends of
    mine most of the boys were at my wedding in 1974 one of the bloggers
    on this site has got a very familier second name!

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