Breaking Point: 20 Hard Edged Beat Diamonds

V.A. - Breaking Point: 20 Hard Edged Beat Diamonds (2008)

This is the Psychic Circle label's second volume of prime beat mostly from the '60s UK, with a couple of excursions into Europe. So here we all are once again, gathered around the notional Dansette. A tottering stack of vinyl awaits our investigation. Is it gear or is it grotty? Fear not, for we do not have the burden of uncertain critique thrust upon us. All the sounds presented within have passed aural muster, and are straining to enthrall the listener. Unearthed, dusted down, and shoved frugging into the spotlight, we have a top Liverpool band recording under a pseudonym, a British soap star, a Dutch outfit who briefly featured a future UK prog-rock superstar, and a band of hard-rockin' sailors, plus a whole lot more. Specially compiled by legendary psych musician and Psychic Circle label-head, Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond). Artists include: Liverpool Five, Shorty & Them, James Tamlin, The Muldoons, The MI5, The Dennisons, Lee Grant & The Capitols, Hamilton King, Tages, The Dee Tees, The Circles, The Shakers, The Mike Cotton Sound, Lee Curtis & The All Stars, Chris Kerry, Tiffany & The Thoughts, The Moonlighters, George Bean, Kenny & The Wranglers, and Les Cruches.