Realistic Patterns: Orchestrated Psychedelia From The USA (2008)

V.A. - Realistic Patterns: Orchestrated Psychedelia From The USA (2008)

Going for baroque?

As it states on the sleeve, this is ''orchestrated psychedelia from the USA'' and it was compiled - lovingly, it seems - by Nick Saloman (a contemporary and most excellent psyche type who records as the Bevis Frond). For Realistic Patterns, Saloman has unearthed 20 late-`60s/early-`70s nuggets that sound nicely warm and woody (marvelous mastering by Dave Blackman) and contain more oboes, French horns, strings and harpsichords than you can shake a baton at. Many of the artists aboard aren't necessarily going for baroque and trying to be the Left Banke, though, as several of the songs are rather lively as well as lovely. Salomon writes notes on each act and a typical one might read something like `'Well, here's a great track from a clearly excellent band, and I could find out absolutely nothing about them'', although you do learn a bit about most of them. Many of the cuts were one-off singles and the best known group here is probably the Balloon Farm, but the slow brass-laced shuffle (Hurry Up Sundown) they do here is about as different to the rollicking Question Of Temperature as you could possibly get. So, if you like psyche with orchestral textures, what are you waiting for? How can you possibly resist groups with such handles as Subterranean Monastery, The 31st Of February, The Byzantine Empire and Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band? There is also a Realistic Patterns 2: Early Morning Dew, which, while providing pretty much more of the same (yet different!) groovery, is just as charming, tuneful and magnificent. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy it. (Alan Brown,


1. All Those Who Enter Here - Burned
2. Realistic Patterns - The Subterranean Monastery
3. Brother Lou's Love Colony - Moon
4. I Call Her Lady - Bubble
5. Her Sadness Primer - Compass
6. Popcorn Double Feature - Tim Wilde
7. I Had the Notion - The Sound Solution
8. Yesterday Girl - Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band
9. Snowqueen - The Byzantine Empire
10. Dying Daffodil Incident - A Handful
11. Jersey Thursday - Douglas Fir
12. Dominique Is Gone - Gregg Shively
13. Don'tcha Feel Like Cryin' - Nobody's Children
14. Hurry Up Sundown - The Balloon Farm
15. Lydia Purple - Dunn & McCashen
16. Small Town Commotion - The Visions
17. Glory Train - Drake
18. Pedestals - The 31st Of February
19. Theme from Valley of the Dolls - Natty Bumpo
20. Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen - Little Boy Blues