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Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley - Earth Free (1970)

Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley - Earth Free (1972)

Recently discovered Christian hippie 1970s folkrock LP with a nice, loose vibe. Sound is typical for the style, rooted in a melodic CSNY sensibility, recalling Stills' melancholic moves in particular. I also catch an Eastcoasty "Big Pink" vibe here and there. Opening track is deceptively soft and poppy, after which the LP gradually increases its depth, ending up with some truly great numbers that rate alongside the best of the genre. Overall this is less SF jammy than Wilson McKinley or Last Call Of Shiloh, yet it clearly has a more personal, earthy vibe than things such as Harvest Flight or Chenaniah. Vocals are not remarkable but fit the overall reflective mood well, while the band plays loose (sometimes very loose) and laidback, with a bass unusually high in the mix for added groove. Comparisons made to Kansas City Jammers are useful, if you imagine this LP as the dark mirror image of the upbeat KCJ. There was also a 45 from the band." [PL] (

"Originally a U.S. private release from 1973. Very rare and tremendous acid electric folk rockers with terrific harmonies and haunting lyrics. You can feel the '60s still alive in their overall sound. This is one of the tops in this genre and should be owned by every card-carrying member of 'private collectors club.' Songs 'Water To Wine," "Race To The Sun" and the title track, plus many more rule! Lyrics on back of LP. Exact cover has been reproduced."

"A re-release of The 1972 vinyl Lp. A very rare & valuable collectors item word wide. Melancholy folk rock with psych undertone." (

It's also been reissued on CD by Voild Eecords.


1 Water To Wine
2 I Needed To Be In Love
3 I Wonder If She Noticed Me
4 Remember Our Love
5 I've Been There For A Long Time
6 Fugue From Lowertown
7 Race Of The Sun
8 She Won't Be With Me Tomorrow
9 Little Girl
10 I Lost My Love
11 Earth Free

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