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The E-Types - Introducing The E-Types (1996)

The E-Types - Introducing The E-Types (1996)

"If you love great 60's British Invasion and Garage Band music then, you must buy this album now ! This american band sounded just as british as The Zombies and The Beatles; two of their biggest influences. Very melodic upbeat tunes. Why the single "Put the clock back on the wall" wasn't a big national hit is beyond me ? You won't be disappointed. Sundazed music did a great job of putting together this first time ever album of all of The E-Types singles, various live tracks, and unreleased material and in great sound quality.

Also, check out their new "Live at The Rainbow " available only as a (Beat Rocket/Sundazed) vinyl album, recorded in 1966. A good live representation of then up and coming band." ~ customer review,


1. I Can't Do It
2. Love of the Loved
3. Live [#]
4. Put the Clock Back on the Wall
5. Big City
6. She Moves Me
7. Back to Me
8. No Milk Today [#]
9. 4th Street
10. Long Before
11. A Clown's No Good [#]
12. Wait [Live][#]
13. Evil Hearted You [Live][#]
14. Mister, You're a Better Man Than I [Live][#]
15. Shapes of Things [Live][#]
16. Things We Said Today [#][Demo Version]
17. Still in Love With You Baby [#][Demo Version]
18. Just a Little [#][Demo Version]
19. Let's Not Talk About It [#][Demo Version]
20. It's Better Than I Planned [#][Demo Version]
21. I Can't Do It [#][Demo Version]
22. Don't Turn Your Back on Me [#][Demo Version]