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4 Levels Of Existence, The

The 4 Levels Of Existence (1976)

The 4 Levels of Existence - The 4 Levels of Existence (1976)

Artist: The 4 Levels of Existence
Album: The 4 Levels of Existence
Label: 2005 Lion Productions ( LION 604 )
Released: 1976
Genre: Heavy Psych

Greek hard progressive rock/psych with incredible guitar work and great vocals. Greek lyrics. Incredibly rare and sought after collector's item. It was originally released in a very small quantity, now it's available again as a limited reissue. ~ acidvisions.com

The 4 Levels of Existence "The 4 Levels of Existence" official CD reissue of stunning ultra rare Greek psychedelic hard rock collector record. From the mastertapes reissue featuring 10 songs!

The label says: "The first ever official CD reissue of an album that many people consider to be the best Greek psychedelic album ever recorded, a belief that would mean that the Four Levels of Existence LP would supercede albums by artists like Axis, Aphrodite's Child, Socrates, and George Romanos. We'll let you decide the argument, for of one thing there is no doubt that this is tremendous hard edged psychedelic/progressive material, originally released in a very small quantity by the private Venus label from 1976. As band leader Athanasios Alatas said: Through Nick's musical quest, Mario's sensitivity, Christos's madness, and my thoughts, we create many songs, all characterized by a psychedelic music sound, Greek lyrics, and monumental guitar solos.

This carefully documented reissue contains the entire Four Levels of Existence LP (its reissue debut), the only recordings they ever made. A twenty-four page booklet includes historical background on the Greek music scene of the early 1970's, details of the band's past written by Alatas, rare photos of the group, as well as lyrics to all the songs in both Greek and English. This CD edition is very strictly limited to 1,000 copies."

1. Metamorphic
2. When the Snow Melts
3. The Village Postman
4. Wilderness
5. The Fool's Trumpet
6. Our Fight
7. Disappointment
8. Child's Song
9. Untitled
10. Someday in Athens