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Harvey Mandel

Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor (1968)

Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor (1968)

Aussie remastered reissue of the blues-rock guitarist's 1968 album, that's unavailable domestically, includes eight bonus tracks, w/Barry Goldberg, 1969 - 'Spirit Of Trane', w/Canned Heat, 1970 - 'My Time Ain't Long', 'Let's Work Together', & 'That's All Right', w/Pure Food & Drug Act, 1972 - 'A Little Soul Food', 'What Comes Around Goes Around', & 'My Soul's On Fire', & w/Love, 1974 - 'Which Witch Is Which'. 18 tracks in all. Raven. 2003.

1. Wade In The Water
2. Lights Out
3. Bradleys Barn
4. You Cant Tell Me
5. Nashville 1 AM
6. Cristo Redentor
7. Before Six
8. The Lark
9. Snake
10. Long Wait
11. Spirit Of Trane (Bonus Track)
12. My Time Aint Long (Bonus Track)
13. Lets Work Together (Bonus Track)
14. Thats All Right (Bonus Track)
15. A Little Soul Food (Bonus Track)
16. What Comes Around Goes Around (Bonus Track)
17. My Souls On Fire (Bonus Track)
18. Which Witch Is Which (Bonus Track)