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Caedmon - Caedmon's Hymn (1978)

Caedmon - Caedmon's Hymn (1978)

Great Folk/Psych CD

Liner notes:
Caedmon’s privately issued 1978 LP has, since it’s rediscovery in 1992, been established as an expensive collectors item, rated as the best folk rock LP ever made, perhaps 2nd only to ‘Mellow Candle’. The sublime sound of Caedmon results from an unusual blend of styles, the fragile female vocals, admirable use of tension & atmosphere, savage fuzz guitar, art rock leanings - everything from exquisite understatement to frantic show-off musicianship – a classic, by golly.


1. Ten Maidens Fair 4:25
2. Maker Man 3:22
3. Death Of A Fox 4:25
4. Sea Song 5:38
5. Aslan 4:31
6. Beyond The Second Mile 6:40
7. Living In The Sunshine 3:33
8. Storm 6:13
9. Columba's Song 2:30
10. Smile On Your Face 4:37
11. Caedmon's Hymn 4:19
12. Give Me Jesus 4:15