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The Children

The Children - Rebirth (1968)

The Children - Rebirth (1968)

Long overdue reissue of the brilliant 1968 (and only) album by the Texas psych band featuring the female vocals talents of Cassell Web. Along with albums by The Comfortable Chair, Sapphire Thinkers and Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Rebirth is one of the best melodic soft acid psych/rock albums of the '60's. Beautifully produced it's lush, captivating multi-layered West Coast styled psych with male and female vocals, harpsichord, various effects, orchestration and biting fuzz guitar. This fantastic package includes all the singles by related Texas garage bands and nine previously unreleased cuts. With a detailed booklet packed with photos it's a must have for any serious psych collection.

1. Enough Of What I Need (The Stoics) 2:16
2. Hate (The Stoics) 2:26
3. Farmer John- The Argyle 1:54
4. White Lightnin' (The Argyles) 2:02
5. Still In Love With You Baby (The Argyles)
6. Turn On Your Love Life (The Argyles)
7. Help, I'm Lost (The Mind's Eye)
8. Daybreak 2:32
9. Maypole 2:48
10. Don't Ever Lose It 3:11
11. Beautiful 2:49
12. Sitting On A Flower 5:11
13. I'll Be Your Sunshine 2:56
14. Military School 2:44
15. I Got Involved 1:02
16. Pictorial 7:42
17. Dreaming Slave 4:02
18. Picture Me 2:39
19. Enough Of What I Need 2:01
20. Pills (She Went To My Head)- 2:47
21. Once More 2:16
22. Fire Ring 3:56
23. Francene 3:30
24. It Won't Show On Me 2:59
25. Take A Look 2:52
26. Force Of Habit 3:22