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C.O.B. - Moyshe McStiff And The Tartan Lancers Of

C.O.B. - Moyshe McStiff And The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart (1972)

Formed by Clive Palmer (Folk legend and founder of The Incredible String band) Re-issue and 1st time on cd of this 1972 masterpiece, remastered at Abbey Road studios.

1. Sheba's Return - Lion Of Judah 4:30
2. Let It Be You 3:51
3. Solomon's Song 3:05
4. Eleven Willow 2:26
5. I Told Her 4:04
6. Oh Bright Eyed One 3:42
7. Chain Of Love 4:26
8. Pretty Kerry 4:33
9. Martha & Mary 4:45
10. Heart Dancer 2:55
11. Blue Morning (Bonus) 3:14
12. Bones (Bonus) 3:13