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Chillum - Chillum...Plus [2001 Reissue] (1971)

Chillum - Chillum...Plus [2001 Reissue] (1971)

Year 1971, Label Mushroom Records
Type CD Catalog # AL 0046
Year 2001, Label Alcinous

Superb early '70s mix of progressive rock and psychedelia from the band that included most of Secondhand. Dominated by the swirling keyboards of Ken Elliott, this sounds at times like early Floyd, ELP and early Deep Purple. Also includes five unreleased tracks. The band roll big joints on front cover.Now deleted these are the last copies anywhere on the planet..

Line-up :

Ken Elliot / vocals, keyboards
Rob Elliot / vocals
Tony McGill / guitar
George Hart / bass
Jirian O'Connor / drums

Tracklist :

01 Introduction By Brain Surgeons From R.F. Hospitial (00:16)(previously unreleased)
02 Brain Strain (21:42)(Extended Version)
03 Land Of A Thousand Dreams (01:19)
04 Too Many Bananas (04:11)
05 Yes! We Have No Pajamas (10:33)
06 Promenade Des Anglais (02:04)
07 Fairy Tale (08:07)(previously unreleased)
08 Celebration (06:08 )(previously unreleased)
09 This Is Not Romance (05:13)(previously unreleased)
10 Incubator Tk.1 (02:45)(previously unreleased)
11 Incubator Tk.2 (04:00)(previously unreleased) (4:17)