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Nova Local, The

The Nova Local - Nova 1 (1967)

The Nova Local - Nova 1 (1967)

An extremely underrated album which originally appeared on Decca in the U.S. in 1967. The band were students at the university of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. There break came when they opened for Chad & Jeremy at a campus charity concert. ... Nova 1 is classic late 60s light-psych with excellent vocals and harmonies, lots of organ and lots of fuzz guitar.

1. $5 Ticket 3:02
2. If You Only Had The Time 2:20
3. Yascha Knew Deli Intimately 0:35
4. A Visit From It, The King 1:19
5. Tobacco Road 7:03
6. Hitch Hike 2:50
7. Morning Dew 5:42
8. Forgotten Man 2:22
9. Dear Jimi 0:54
10. And I Remember 2:17
11. John Knight's Body 2:18