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Baby Whale - The Downhill Climb (1973)

Baby Whale - The Downhill Climb (1973)

Excellent and previously unknown early '70's UK folk rock band who later became the smooth retro harmony ensemble Telephone Bill. Very much in the early '70's Fairport vein with flashes of Storyteller and Tudor Lodge. Beautiful melodic male and female vocals, electric violin, guitar and steel guitar. High quality production, great original songs and original interpretations of traditional folk classics such as the Cuckoo. (

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1. The Old Man And Sea 4:02
2. The Downhill Climb 4:00
3. Cornfileds/The Cuckoo 7:37
4. This Time 3:09
5. Circles And Circuses 3:28
6. Dependable Spokes 2:40
7. Things Are Not Free 3:43
8. Evening Song 3:52
9. This Ain't My Life 4:16
10. Cabin Town 5:18
11. Easy Feeling 2:16
12. The Strangler 4:26