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The Baroques - Purple Day (1996)

The Baroques - The Baroques (1967)

Legendary US '60s psych. Dreamy psychedelia that not only has that classic US fuzz guitar and keyboard sound but is also laced with the delicate whimsy of UK psych (as in early Floyd and Kaleidoscope). Includes the brilliant "Musical Tribute to The Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon" and "Purple Day" as well as the eleven minute "Tangerine Sunset".... A complete 22 track collection.


1. Iowa, A Girl's Name
2. Seasons
3. Mary Jane
4. Rose Coloured Glasses
5. Musical Tribute To The Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon
6. There's Nothing Left To Do But Cry
7. Bicycle
8. Purple Day
9. Love In A Circle
10. Commercials
11. Iowa #2
12. Oscar Meyer #2
13. Baroques Theme
14. Sunflowers
15. At The Garden Gate
16. Death Of An Onion
17. Flying Machine
18. Beckwith
19. Hand
20. Tangerine Sunset
21. I Will Not Touch You
22. Remember