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Beto Guedes - A Pagina Do Relampago Eletrico (1977

Beto Guedes - A Pagina Do Relampago Eletrico (1977)

Alvaro Neder (All Music Guide)]Beto Guedes is a singer/composer very attached to the gang of mineiros (naturals from the Minas Gerais state) like Milton Nascimento, Lô Borges, Fernando Brant, Ronaldo Bastos, and others who became known as the Clube da Esquina gang in the '70s. This CD reissue of 1977's A Página Do Relâmpago Elétrico (...) has excellent moments of his solo career, (...) like "Maria Solidária," "Tanto," "Lumiar," and "Nascente," in renditions very influenced by the electric rock of the '70s, with some pinches of progressive rock, and a wonderful choro, "Belo Horizonte."

Beto Guedes had several hits with his personal blend of Beatles-influenced pop music, a pinch of on-the-road countercultural ideas, and ecology. Among them were "Amor de Índio," "Lumiar" (with Ronaldo Bastos), "O Medo de Amar é o Medo de Ser Livre" (with Fernando Brant), "Luz e Mistério" (with Caetano Veloso), "O Sal da Terra," and "Canção do Novo Mundo" (with Ronaldo Bastos). His songs have been recorded by artists like Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, and Simone. His first group, formed in his teens with [b]Lô Borges[/b], was called the Beevers. In 1970, he participated in the VFIC with "Feira Moderna" (with Fernando Brant), which was recorded by the [b]Som Imaginário[/b]. A member of the group of composers and musicians from Minas Gerais called the Clube da Esquina, he participated in [b]Milton Nascimento[/b]'s albums [b]Clube da Esquina[/b] and Minas. In 1973, he participated in the collective project Beto Guedes, Danilo Caymmi, Novelli e Toninho Horta. His first solo album came out in 1977, [b]A Página do Relâmpago Elétrico[/b], followed by nine others until 1999.

This is the first solo album by Beto Guedes, with the massive participation of 4 BIS alumni (Flavio Venturini, Vermelho, Hely Rodrigues) plus former Som Imaginário Toninho Horta and Robertinho Silva, among other Clube da Esquina fellows.

Beto Guedes - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (tracks 1,2,3,10), Mandolin (1,3,7,10), Guitar (2,7), Moog (4), Flute (4), Bass (5,6,7), [color=red]Viola[/color]* (5,6,9), Drums (8)
Toninho Horta - Bass (1,2,3,4,8,9), Guitars (2,7), Orchestration & Maestro (5,8), Percussion (7), Acoustic Guitar (10)
Vermelho - Backing Vocals, Organ (2,3,5,7), Electric Piano (3), Piano (4,6), Percussion (10)
Flavio Venturini - Backing Vocals, Electric Piano (2), Piano (3,7), Organ (4,8,9), Moog (5)
Hely - Percussion (1,9,10), Drums (2,3,4,5,6,7)
Robertinho - Drums (1,9), Percussion (3,6,7)
Ze Eduardo - Acoustic Guitar (1,7,9,10), Guitar (6)
Paulo Guimaraes - Flute (3,7)
Farao - Moog (4)
Novelli - Piano (8)
Nelson Angelo - Acoustic Guitar (8)
Abel Ferreira - Reeds (10)

*Viola is a 10 stringed acoustic guitar, used most in brazilian folk music.


01 - A Pagina do Relampago Eletrico
02 - Maria Solidaria
03 - Choveu
04 - Chapeu de Sol
05 - Tanto
06 - Lumiar
07 - Bandolim
08 - Nascente
09 - Salve Rainha
10 - Belo Horizonte