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Bixo Da Seda - Bixo Da Seda (1976)

Bixo Da Seda - Bixo Da Seda (1976)

Seminal Brazilian rock band inspired by Pink Floyd and Yes, the Bixo da Seda, led by Fughetti Luz, was with the Liverpool (from which it derived), the first rock groups from the Rio Grande do Sul state to have a nationwide reputation. Formed by Fughetti (vocals), Pecos Pássaro (guitar), Mimi Lessa (guitar), Renato Ladeira (keyboards), Marcos Lessa (bass), and Edson Espíndola (drums), the group started in 1967 as Liverpool Sounds, then changed for Liverpool (influenced by The Beatles and the Rolling Stones), and in the early '70s adopted the definitive denomination, moving to Rio de Janeiro. Their only two albums were Hei, Menina (1971) and Bixo da Seda (1975). In 1976, they became the supporting group for As Frenéticas. (Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide)

Renato Ladeira: organ, electric guitars, harmonica, vocals
Marcos Lessa: bass, viola (acoustic guitar), harmonica, vocals
Mimi Lessa: solo electric guitar, viola (acoustic guitar), vocals
Edson Espíndola: drums, percussion, vocals
Fuguett Luz: voice, flute, percussion


01 - Venus (Vinicius Cantuária - Bixo da Seda)
02 - Já Brilhou (Mimi Lessa - Fuguett Luz)
03 - É como teria que ser (Bixo da Seda)
04 - Carrocel (Mimi Lessa - Fuguett Luz)
05 - Bixo da Seda (Bixo da Seda - Paulinho Buffara)
06 - 7 de ouro (Vinicius Cantuária - Bixo da Seda)
07 - Gigante (Bixo da Seda)
08 - Um abraço em Brian Jones (Bixo da Seda)
09 - Trem (Mimi Lessa - Fuguett Luz)