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Black Cat Bones - Barbed Wire Sandwich (1969)

Black Cat Bones - Barbed Wire Sandwich (1969)

UK Bluesrock

The Black Cat Bones was a blues-rock group from London founded in the late '60s by Paul Kossoff (guitar), Stuart Brooks (bass), and Simon Kirke (drums). Kossoff and Kirke left to form Free, and Brooks recruited Brian Short (vocals), Derek Brooks (guitar),

Incredible! This is how I see life. If you wanna feel the blue's, I mean really feel the blues. This recording here will get you. Death valley blues is incredible, the most powerfull blues song ive ever heard. The guitar work is far above stevie ray, or johnny winters or even B.B. King. No disrespect, I more than enjoy all of the above. But this is just a spellbound recording. Let it speak for itself and pick this up please.


1. Chauffeur Listen
2. Death Valley Blues
3. Feelin' Good
4. Please Tell Me Baby
5. Coming Back
6. Save My Love
7. Four Women
8. Sylvester's Blues
9. Good Lookin' Woman