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The Beginning - This Is The Beginning (2003)

The Beginning - This Is The Beginning (2003)

Formed in the vapour trail of the 1960's oblivion wagon The Beginning... are one of THE great lost wonders of psychedelic rock. Their only album "This Is" lay dormant until recently when it was uncovered by Molten Records. Now available on CD, it contains a mind altering selection of acid guitar music mixing funky rock 'n' roll grooves, with the kind of twin-lead guitar attack that drifted off to the acid tent at Woodstock 30 years ago. Flashes of ever-so-fluid San Franciscan psychedelic improvisation merge with hard edged Detroit rock and hip stoned grooviness. The overall result is a sound that's part Frumious Bandersnatch, Yesterdays Children, Rolling Stones, Led Zep, SRC and Quicksilver Messenger Service!

The is a side project for Josiah main man, Matt Bethancourt. This little project allows Matt to explore a more groovy 60's beat sound compared to the 70's inspired hard rock sound of Josiah. I am not sure who backs him up on the CD as there is very little information with the CD or promo sheet. Anyway, this is some pretty cool stuff with some good grooves and licks! At times it is a bit like Quicksilver Messenger Service and on track 4, "Baby's Takin' Me For a Ride", very Jefferson Airplane like. He really can sound like Marty Balin on this track. There is some cool dual electric leads on tracks throughout to give it a bit more psychedelic flavour than Josiah. Quite a cool record and worth checking out if you like Josiah.


01 - Soul Revolution - 6.22
02 - The Ju Ju Man - 4.09
03 - Blue Honey - 8.49
04 - Baby´s Takin´ Me For A Ride - 13.17
05 - The Golden Whisper - 8.00