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Bakerloo - Bakerloo (1969)

Bakerloo - Bakerloo (1969)

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A good old trio, power trio, so cream,savoy brown,ten years after,led
zeppelin and fleetwood mac are just around the corner,
Dave Clempson is a virtuoso and as Dave thompson (allmusic) states
"Guitarist Dave Clempson's "Big Bear Folly," the opening cut on the
band's first and only album, is a dazzling Ten Years After-style
showcase, while a jazzy variation on a theme of Bach, the aptly titled
"Driving Bachwards," proves that the band wasn't averse to messing with
the classics, either. The quartet's virtuosity occasionally overwhelms
the songs themselves, although there is no shortage of gripping
atmosphere. Bassist Terry Poole unleashes an almost sepulchral vocal
across the stygian "Last Blues," a seven-minute marathon that swiftly
develops into a full-fledged heavy rocker, punctuated by mood shifts
that amount to separate movements — it's a magnificent piece, rendered
with both musical precision and some of producer Gus Dudgeon's most
inspired washes and effects. Impressive, too, is "Son of Moonshine," a
distorted metal effort that clocks in at double that length and combines
Clempson's intensive guitar soloing with a desperately driving blues
rhythm. Period comparisons with Cream and early Led Zeppelin really
weren't that far off the mark"
Truly this band would have been great if Clem hadn't left to join
Colosseum.Is THIS BLUES? it's rockblues, british rockblues.Even a 14
minutes track such as Son of moonshine is enjoyable;solos are not
boring, the sound is clear, the technique is brilliant.In my opinion the
vocals reminds me that of Peter Green.Al the pieces were composed by the
band, except a useless version of Bach "Bouree(the Tull did much better
with that).
All in all a superb record of that era, a professional work by well
known musicians who became famous in other bands,and in my opinion: a
really GREAT Album


1. Big Bear Folly 3:57
2. Bring It on Home 4:18
3. Drivin' Bachwards 2:08
4. Last Blues 7:06
5. Gang Bang 6:17
6. This Worried Feeling 7:05
7. Son of Moonshine 14:54
8. Once Upon a Time 3:39
9. This Worried Feeling 5:45