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The Bachs - Out Of The Bachs (1968)

The Bachs - Out Of The Bachs (1968)

The Bachs - Out Of The Bachs (1968) [FLAC]
Description THE BACHS

Roto no # (private pressing), 1968
This Edition: Gear Fab GF-211

Fuzz, Acid & Flowers:

This is a highly collectable garage-psych classic from Chicago, indeed only 100 copies were ever pressed so original copies inevitably change hands for megabucks. Some of the finest garage cuts include You're Mine, Free Fall and Minister To A Mind Diseased, whilst My Independence Day and the superb Tables Of Grass Fields are more psychedelic. Just 350 copies of the first reissue were pressed so this album is destined to remain rare, although the more recent 'Flash' reissue will help collectors find copies in the short term. Essential. Just dig that distorted fuzz guitar on Minister To A Mind Diseased. All twelve cuts are original Allison-Peterman compositions.

The band stayed together for about three years. After they split, John Babicz joined the army, where he spent the next 22 years. He and John Harrison now live in Tucson and still play golf together.

I'm A Little Boy and Tables Of Grass Fields, from Out Of The Bachs, have also resurfaced on A Trip On The Magic Flying Machine.

One of the most legendary US garage-era LPs. Strong all through, in a crude garage folkrock style with some psychy edges and no covers, which is unusual. The band emits a rather unique, timeless vibe, with a middle third that is particularly impressive. Takes time to get into, but ultimately one of the truly big pieces among 1960s private pressings. Unfortunately, none of the reissues reflect the presence and punch of the original. The Del-Val reissue and the subsequent bootlegs of it are all mastered 1.5%-2.0% too slow. The legit Gear Fab reissue is the correct speed but has clearly inferior sound and digital skips. You need to hear an original (or a CD-R thereof) to understand the full magnitude of the Bachs experience. According to a band member, 500 copies were pressed.

Chicago jangle guitar downer garage psych with gorgeous aching vocals. Masterful guitar work covering the spectrum from Beau Brummels chiming to anarchic Litter runs. Haunting poetic originals full of lost love and broken dreams - even moving into stream of consciousness territory on 'Minister to a Mind Diseased' and 'Tables of Grass Fields'. The closer, 'I'm a Little Boy', is an otherworldly dark feedback monster. Literally every track is a winner! Recorded in a butcher's shop by this high school group late 1967 and released January 1968. This group had a maturity and presence way beyond their years. For me, it comes down to this and the Litter's "Distortions" for best US garage LP.

In the world of private press, original song, garage psych The Bachs is one of the 2 or 3 best. Along with "All Of Thus", this LP is a great example of the transition from garage rock to psych that happened all across suburban America in `66-'67. The LP was recorded in a Butcher Shop on a cheap tape machine so the sound isn't quite up to major label quality, but the LP has a charm that truly captures the teen angst and emotion that so many of these type of LP's lack. In the scheme of things, if any LP is worth four figures, it's this one.


1. You're Mine 2:10
2. Pleasure Of Your Company 3:52
3. Free Fall 2:39
4. I See Her 1:37
5. My Independence Day 3:20
6. Minister To A Mind Diseased 3:09
7. Tables Of Grass Fields 3:43
8. Show Me That You Want To Go Home 2:07
9. Sitting 3:33
10. Nevermore 2:36
11. Answer To Yesterday 3:46
12. I'm A Little Boy 3:50
13. That's The Way It Goes 3:10