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17 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great site, keep it pumping…. cheers!

  2. Anonymous says:



  3. tree4five says:

    Great blog!!
    Good memories often get lost and hard to find.

    keep going, I like yours blog

  4. Anonymous says:

    thanks, freaky lady, would like to help you with requests, i will try

  5. Dave G. says:

    Thanks for this great album. Have not been able to stop playing it. Fantastic. Thanks again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Haven’t felt that good about an album on first listen in such a long time

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice, very nice.

  8. dweller says:

    This one is pretty nice,
    thanks 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is this band the same prog rock band called Magenta?
    The name is the same, but they have too much differences in their music….
    Thanks. Lelo

  10. Alex"Fuzzy"Bones says:

    a beautiful peice of art with a great sense of humour. the fox hunt song is my favourite, as i’m a country bumkin from rural england.

  11. auawsha says:

    Cant believe this exceeded my already huge expectations.

  12. Hi
    Have to other 2 releases on LP but this one has eluded me for years. The irony is I only live 5 miles from where it was performed/ recorded.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Some great stuff on your blog, how do you go about setting up as have a few unavailable and private released records I’d like to add.

  14. primeiroacorde says:

    Hey! Great blog !!
    I am a brazilian musician
    and love this kind of music
    ah, there’s anybody here can
    post the lyrics of canterbury moon??
    I tried, but some words
    I don’t understood

  15. narvolicious says:


    Awesome, awesome blog…I just heard “I’ll Never Trouble You Again” on a local radio station and it blew me away…

  16. Jeans says:

    that’s a good band, playing only acoustic parts

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