Various Artists – Finders Keepers (2009)

Finders Keepers is one of those comps that you know was languished over by the compiler – Andy Votel. You can sense the excitement Andy must have felt unearthing lps & ‘7’s’ from a crate or cardboard box hidden away in the basement of a second hand record shop. Followed by the discovery of finding one gem from ten albums of utter schlock. For anyone who gratefully stumbled across the ‘Cherrystone’ series and can’t get enough Finders Keepers is for you. For anyone who wants to venture beyond the usual musical boundaries but doesn’t know where or how to go this’ll take you there. If it gets to weird, trust me you won’t be locked into a 15 minute prog, kraut epic. For the seasoned traveller artists who might ring the recognition bell include Dorothy Ashby who as far as I know was the first jazz harpist, the trio Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot & Sacha Distel who sung ‘Hippies’ on one of BB’s TV Special that is available on DVD, Eddie Warner, a name synominous with French Library – a selection of his work is available on ‘Le Jazz Beat Vol 2′ & Nino Ferrer another French Pop hero who turned his back on Pop for darker realms. (

1. Getting High – Eddie Warner
2. Dance Of The Vampires – The Vampires Of Dartmoor
3. Love, Love, Love, Love – Wool
4. Love – Rita
5. Turnround – Jack Hendrix’ Tchick-Bams
6. Crying Bag – The Sounds Of Joy
7. Freak – Nino Ferrer
8. Fall-Out – The Advancement
9. Skit One – Andy Votel
10. Joyfull Grass & Grape – Dorothy Ashby
11. Karkadon – The Devils Anvil
12. Hippies – Brigitte Bardot, Sascha Distell & Serge Gainsbourg
13. Yesterday Folks – US69
14. Skit Two – Andy Votel
15. April Fool – Isis
16. English Sparrow – Paul Parrish

Andy Votel Presents Finders Keepers

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