Various Artists – Who Needs Tomorrow? American 60s Garage Bands (2007)


Various Artists – Who Needs Tomorrow? American 60s Garage Bands (2007)

20 Previously Uncomped Gems

There has to come a time when every half-decent slice of ’60s garage band music has been compiled somewhere. Well, according to the Psychic Circle label, not quite. Here are 20 great tracks containing all the qualities required to render the listener smitten. Some of these artists you will definitely have heard before, though maybe not performing these particular songs. Some acts may be completely new to you. From the Stones-ish Kansas garage-sters The Moanin’ Glories to the New York pop trio, The Will-O-Bees to the West Coast sitar-fuzz of Merrell Fankhauser & HMS Bounty, this comp aims to reach those parts of the garage that other compilations of its kind just don’t. Lovingly compiled by the legendary Nick Saloman (Bevis Frond). Other artists include: Randy Johnson, The Love Society, Simon T. Stokes, Kinetic Energy, The Liberty Bells, Peck’s Bad Boys, The Silver Byke, The Great Train Robbery, The Yankee Dollar, The Lords Of T.O.N.K, The 13th Precinct, The Countdown Five, The British Walkers, Cast Of Thousands, Kin Vassy, The Good Feeling and The Blue Things.


1. RANDY JOHNSON – Fly Superman Fly 2:47
2. THE LOVE SOCIETY – Tobacco Road 3:30
3. SIMON T STOKES – Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction 2:27
4. KINETIC ENEGY – Margaret Ann 2:36
5. THE LIBERTY BELLS – Recognition 2:44
6. PECK’S BAD BOYS – Cloud 76 2:43
7. THE SILVER BYKE – Who Needs Tomorrow 3:13
9. THE WILL-O-BEES – If Your Ready 2:19
10. THE YANKEE DOLLAR – City Sidewalks 3:00
11. THE LORDS OF T.O.N.K. – Miniver Cheevy 2:32
12. MERRELL FANKHAUSER & HMS BOUNTY – I’m Flying Home 2:47
13. THE 13TH PRECINCT – You Gotta Be Mine 2:17
14. THE COUNTDOWN FIVE – Money Man 2:53
15. THE BRITISH WALKERS – Shake 2:21
16. THE MOANIN’ GLORIES – You Better Watch Out For That Girl 2:52
17. CAST OF THOUSANDS – Girl Do What You’re Gonna Do 1:56
18. KIN VASSY – That’s The Bag I’m In 3:00
19. THE GOOD FEELING – I’m Captured 1:49
20. THE BLUE THINGS – La Do Da Da 2:20

Various Artists – Who Needs Tomorrow? American 60s Garage Bands (2007)

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