Abstract Truth – Silver Trees (1970)

Abstract Truth – Silver Trees (1970)

Excellent early ’70s melodic wistful freak rock blends with laid back, almost trance-like sounds featuring assorted instruments like flutes, harpsichord, electric guitars, saxophone, keyboards, percussion etc. A refreshing approach with psychedelic touches. Silver Trees was South African band Abstract Truth’s second LP. It is much stronger than their debut, Totum, released earlier the same year (1970). Totum consisted of cover songs approached in the psychedelic folk vein; Silver Trees features solely original compositions and rocks out a lot more.


1. Pollution
2. All The Same
3. Original Man
4. Silver Trees
5. In A Space
6. Moving Away
7. Two
8. Blue Wednesday Speaks
9. It’s Alright With Me

Abstract Truth – Silver Trees (1970)

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