Iron Claw – Dismorphophobia


Iron Claw – Dismorphophobia

Scottish Heavy Underground Rock 1970-73

Underground heavy rock from the Scottish band iron claw recorded in the early 70s but not released until now. Hard ‘n heavy with some great guitar work as well as the odd harmonica lick. Similar in places to Black Sabbath, The Dark and Budgie.

1. Claustrophobia 5:05
2. Let It Grow 2:43
3. Gonna Be Free 3:37
4. Lightning 3:35
5. Pavement Artist 5:16
6. Loving You 2:34
7. All I Really Need 3:13
8. Take Me Back 5:07
9. Knock ‘Em Dead 2:52
10. Winter 6:00
11. Strait-Jacket 4:52
12. Rock Band Blues 4:08
13. Real Mean Rocker 3:17
14. Spider’s Web 3:12

Iron Claw – Dismorphophobia

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