Various Artists – The Golden Road: The Electric Coffee House Vol. 2 (2008)

Various Artists – The Golden Road: The Electric Coffee House Vol. 2 (2008)

Further Travels into Unexplored U.S. Folk Rock Territories

A little while back, the Psychic Circle label took a journey back to the time when American folk music discovered electric rock and pop. The result was The Electric Coffee House compilation. That turned out to be one of the label’s most successful albums, so consequently they’ve been having another delve into that hallowed region of chiming guitars, righteous harmony and garage joy. Once again, Psychic Circle is delighted to present an intriguing selection of obscurities: some primitive, some sophisticated, some psychedelic, some full of pop sensibility, but all of it with an essential, omnipresent undercurrent of folk tradition, albeit filtered through amplifiers and pick-ups, but there nonetheless. You’ll hear from Ian Whitcomb’s kid brother, Chuck Berry’s favorite backing band, the man who wrote “Mr. Bojangles,” a future member of Poco, a band featuring the young Bruce Cockburn, and a whole lot more besides. Come travel The Golden Road, let your mind wander free and let your freak flag fly. Compiled by legendary psych musician and Psychic Circle label-head, Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond).

Track Listing

1. Let’s Take a Walk in the Woods – Welch
2. You Gotta Stop – Ray
3. Hey Girl – Rice
4. Smiling – Steirling
5. Right on Time – Cotton
6. It’s Been a Long Time – Shuput
7. The Way She Smiles – Romano
8. Look at Me – Allison
9. Clouds – Vosburg
10. Land of Make Believe – Flannery
11. Bird Without Wings – Cockburn
12. In & Out – Dalton
13. Lost Sea Shanty – Walker
14. I’ll Be There – Keske
15. Make Me Over Again – Gorky
16. Where Are You – Roof
17. Fair One – Orvis
18. What’s It All About – Cisco
19. Let’s Get Together – Powers
20. Parade of Uncertainty – Pacheco

The Golden Road: The Electric Coffee House, Vol. 2

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