Various Artists – I Gotta Be Me – 20 Garage Missiles From The USA – Who Needs Tomorrow Vol. 2 (2008)

Various Artists – I Gotta Be Me – 20 Garage Missiles From The USA – Who Needs Tomorrow Vol. 2 (2008)

Organ drenched, fuzzy garage genius from the 60s US scene — one of the best comps yet from Psychic Circle!!! I Got To Be Me is full of buzzing, r&b fueled garage rock from all over the mid-to-late 60s US — most tunes really dripping with the trippy organ washes, and searing in the electric guitar department — but it’s no mere proto-punk batch of fiery singles. The musicianship and vocals are of top shelf talent, despite the singles being by-and-large obscure — cut for bigger labels like Atco, United Artists, Roulette, Phillips and Capitol as well as a number of lesser knowns companies and imprints. Includes in killer take on the Howlin’ Wolf standard “Smokestack Lightning” by Group Axis, “I Gotta Be Me” by Kevin Coughlin, “Good Good Lovin” by Les Hou-Lops, “HE’s Not Your Friend” by Dee Jay & The Runaways, “Big Mama” by Gobby Simms & The Simers, “Turn Around” by Blue Wood, “Inside Out” by The In Crowd, “Fool That I Am” by Bobby Saint Clair, “Haunted By Your Love” by The Outsiders, “Doubt” by Hex and more. 20 tracks in all. (Dusty Groove)

Track Listing

1. Smokestack Lightning – Howlin’ Wolf
2. I Gotta Be Me – Hirth
3. Good Good Lovin’ – Brown
4. He’s Not Your Friend – Lee
5. It’s Only a Dream – Eden
6. Big Mama – Simms
7. Like My Girl – Ford
8. Without You – Carbone
9. Turn Around – Geiger
10. I’m a Man – McDaniel, Elias
11. Southbound Freeway – Somberg
12. Get It On/Wilde Childe Freakout – Morrow
13. Inside Out – Rambo
14. Should We or Shouldn’t We – Chalfant
15. Hey You, Hey Me – Cartey
16. You Do Me Wrong – Hachey
17. Fool That I Am – Kalina
18. Haunted by Your Love – King
19. Salt ‘N’ Pepper – Colonna
20. Doubt – Hex

I Gotta Be Me: 20 Garage Missiles from the USA

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