Various Artists – Cloud Cuckooland (2010)

Various Artists – Cloud Cuckooland (2010)

The Finders Keepers compilation Cloud Cuckooland features 20 tracks from the Kuckuck archives

Accompanying the marvelous LP from Sam Spence, Finders Keepers drop a twenty track compilation peering into the pre-1974 archives of one of Germany’s longest running Krautrock independents, Kuckuck. During this period, the label was in its prog heyday, helmed by the forward thinking Eckart Rahn, whose release policy covered the early Kosmische Musik and Krautrock that he loved.  A recommended collection of pre-1974 recordings from Germany’s Kuckuck records’ psychedelic prog-rock era.


1. Antiteater – Opening
2. Ihre Kinder – Stunden
3. Out Of Focus – See How A White Negro Flies
4. Sam Spence – Waterworld
5. Ernst Schultz – Paranoia Picknick
6. Sonny Hennig – 1000 Tips Zum Überleben
7. Ernst Schultz – 10 Finger Blind
8. Ihre Kinder – Komm Zu Dir
9. Deuter – Der Turm
10. Sam Spence – Ringo
11. Antiteater – Memorn (Der Amerikanische Soldat)
12. Armegeeddon – Oh Man
13. Sam Spence – World As One
14. Deuter – Night Rain
15. Ernst Schultz – XY
16. Lied Des Teufels – Nichts
17. Antiteater – Intermezzo
18. Out Of Focus – Blue Sunday Morning
19. Ihre Kinder – The Dice
20. Antiteater – Trauer (La Mandragola)

Various Artists – Cloud Cuckooland (2010)

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5 Responses

  1. DanP says:

    Sounds great! Many thanks!

  2. DanP says:

    Nice collection! Really enjoying it. Much more interesting and palatable than a couple other so-called “Krautrock” samplers I’ve investigated. Thanks!

  3. Blueguru says:

    Thanks for introducing the great music to us!

  4. Casey says:

    dope dope dope
    psyched to check this out
    great label
    must be some gems on here i haven’t heard
    you rule
    thanks much

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