Various Artists – Finders Keepers Records 1-20 Mixed By The Gaslamp Killer (2009)


An excellent mix of some of the best lost folk funk, tripped out psychedelia, 60s & 70s material from the global underground from Finders Keepers — but far cooler than a mere sampler — an aurally exciting blend of the material courtesy of the Gaslamp Killer! For this excellent set, eclectic LA DJ guru Gaslamp Killer was given the keys to the Finders Keepers vaults to craft an evocative set of his own, from the sounds found on the first 20 Finders Keepers releases. Turkish rock from Ersen, wild soundtrack grooves from Valerie & Her Week Of Wonders composer Lubos Fiser, instrumental French funk from Jean Claude Vannier, and so much more! All Killer has 12 tracks that are each expertly blended suites of Finders Keepers releases, including “The Sermon” by Lubos Fiser, “Les Garde Volent Au Secours Du Roi” and more by Jean Claude Vannier, “Dance Of The Vampires” by Vampires Of Dartmoore, “Gunese Don Cicegim” by Ersen, “Les Electroniciens” by Bruno Spoerri, “Zeytinyagi” by Mustafa Ozkent, “Europa” by by Susan Christie and more. (

1. Lubos Fiser – The Sermon (FKR009) / John Hill – Europa (FKR018) / Jan Jankeje – South Indian Line (FKR020)
2. Spectre – Arkham (FKR020) / Chris Harwood – Wooden Ships (FKR005) / Susan Christie – Paint A Lady (FKR007) / Jean-Jacques Dexter – Be Quite (FKR020)
3. Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Drum Orchestra – The World Is A Ghetto (FKR008) / Jean-Claude Vannier – Les Garde Volent au Secours du Roi (FKR001)
4. Jean-Claude Vannier – L’Enfant la Mouche et les Allumettes / L’Enfant au Royaume des Mouches (FKR001)
5. Stanley Myers – Sitting Target Main Theme / Solitaire (FKR004) / Omega – Kergeskezu favagok (FKR017) / Sevil and Ayla – Bebek (FKR020)
6. Zafer Dilek – Yekte (FKR008) / Yamasuki – Kono Samourai (FKR002) / Sarolta Zalatnay – Hadd Mondjam El (FKR012) / Yamasuki – Yama Yama (FKR002) / Selda – Yaylalar (FKR011)
7. Ersen – Gunese Don Cicegim (FKR016) / Pierre Cavalli – Un Soir Chez Norris (FKR008)
8. Vampires of Dartmoore – Dance Of The Vampires (FKR019) / Sarolta Zalatnay – Egyser (FKR012) / Mustafa Ozkent – Burcak (FKR010)
9. Sarolta Zalatnay – Zold Borostyan (FKR012) / The Stylers – For You (FKR008) / Mustafa Ozkent – Silifke (FKR010)
10. Mustafa Ozkent – Zeytinyagi (FKR010) / Susan Christie – Europa (Poetry) (FKR018) / Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust- Sugar Stealers / Man With A Typewriter (FKR013)
11. John Hill – Amalthea (FKR018) / Ersen – Zalim (FKR016)
12. Bruno Spoerri – Les Electroniciens (FKR006) / Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust – Girlies, Girlies (FKR013)

All Killer

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  3. Anonymous says:

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